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Why Forgiveness Is Important

Why Forgiveness Is Important

I believe that issues of unforgiveness would be something of the past if more people knew the greatest benefactor of forgiveness. If you have read How Unforgiveness Affects You, you would understand the graveness of forgiving those that have wronged you in any way.

Reasons why you should chose forgiveness.

I would also like for you to take note of these astounding things that forgiveness does for you.

1. Forgiveness suppresses bitterness, anger and resentment.

When you have a forgiving heart, there’s no room for disgruntlement and frustrations.

So, imagine a scenario where someone gossiped about you and ruined your reputation.

The instinct is to be bitter towards that individual. However, choosing to forgive them although they are undeserving, frees you from that bugging need to see them punished or hurt.

Those who hold on to unforgiveness never end well. Even biblical stories have proven that. Confer 2 Samuel 13 to read the story of king David’s unforgiving son.

2. Forgiveness optimizes your mental, emotional health and even your physical health.

Letting go of the need to revenge is a wonderful thing to do.

When you go on pulling a long face and carrying the baggage containing a list of every single person and every single thing that has been done to you in the past, you are voluntarily killing yourself.

When you forgive, you make room for peace, joy, love, grace, and a sound mind.

3. Forgiveness makes you a benefactor of God’s mercy.

For Christians like me, you must realise that forgiveness is what God does when He marks “cancelled” over your debt of sin.

There isn’t anything we can humanly do to merit God’s forgiveness.

Do not be like the servant whose master forgave and cancelled his debt, but he went on to choke another person who owed him. Of course, when the king found out, he immediately ordered for him to be thrown into prison ( Luke 16:5).

he went on to choke someone who owed him
the king forgave him

4. Forgiveness enables you to practice God’s most important Commandment.

source; mathew 22:34-40

Favouring forgiveness over resentment means choosing love over hate.

The greatest commandment of all is that of Love.

The world was created out of love, and it shall only be better through LOVE.

When we love our neighbour the way we love ourselves, we are likely to do unto them what we expect others to do to us ( Leviticus 19:18).

We will forgive them, the same way we expect God to forgive us.

5. Forgiveness catapults you into a journey of healing and progress to your God-given destiny.

When we forgive, we experience the serenity and inner peace.

Once you have decided to let go of any feelings of vengeance, it is unlikely that you will deliberately revisit that hurt or pain.

You’ll then start to heal the scar that the incident caused you. And as you heal, you will become happier and susceptible to receiving God’s blessings and favour.

You will be en route to your destiny, as you live a baggage free life.


A lot of people who swear never to forgive the person(s) who hurt them are usually ignorant of the fact that; the benefits of forgiveness far outweigh the consequences of unforgiveness. When you forgive, you can suppress bitterness and anger, which enables you to enjoy better mental, emotional and physical health. A forgiving heart also enjoys the mercy of God and practices love; the greatest commandment of God. More so, forgiveness sets you on your journey to healing and finding God’s purpose for your life.

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    This forgiveness thing is something else. God will see me through it. Once more thanks Syl

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