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Success Looks Like Me and You.

Success Looks Like Me and You.

The current dynamics in today’s world fosters an environment where dreams can be made a reality quicker than ever before. Thanks to social media and other internet related media, millions of people can be marketed and sold to effortlessly.

Today’s article focuses on a 25 year old lady who emigrated with her parents from Cameroon to the USA where things seemed okay, then hunger and tragedy struck, before her day of glory finally came. It is the story of Wilglory Tanjong. Watch her narrate her own story in the video below.

From her story, all Wilglory needed were these 4 things;

  • Adversity
  • Passion
  • An Idea
  • Action.

The fact that the word “success” has many different definitions in the dictionary simply attests to the saying that “success means different things to different people.”

When I came across Ms Tanjong’s story, it reminded me of my own journey, and it made me cry.

The outcome of our lives has always and will always be our own doing. When we are hungry enough for success, success will find us.

My takeaway from her story is that, we all have the possibility to transform our passion into an income. Although it won’t fall on our laps, we are likely to achieve the things we desire if we doggedly pursue our dreams.

Desire, jazzed up with knowledge and persistence, is a perfect combination for success.

Despite her parents’ separating and depending on food stamps, she never let that define her outcome.

Too many people have been and continue to be in a place of need, but remain uninspired to break away from that cycle.

How I wish her mum was alive to watch her little girl blossom into an amazing, resilient, entrepreneurial guru, making the news and going places.

Moreover, her story reiterates my belief in the fact that there’s always something good in the adversities that we face. Most times, all we need to do is look hard and intentionally. Search for it, dig, ponder on it, and pray about it. God will surely show you the way.

Ms Tanjong went out to Senegal to mourn the loss of her mom, her best friend, who died from breast cancer. Its on that trip that she had the idea that earns $100,000 a month. From 50 to 500 luxury handbags a month, made in no other place but Africa.

I personally have often wondered what my life would be like if my dad were alive.

During his time on earth, we were very comfortable and had nothing to worry about. Daddy always made sure everything was taken care off, hence, we were in our comfort zones.

Whilst comfort is good, it could also be a double edge sword. It has the ability to snuff ideas and aspirations out of you, leaving you a mediocre person.

The sudden death of daddy brought out the fighter in me. Suddenly thrown into the deep blue sea of life, I had two options; swim or sink. No sensible person will deliberately decide to sink.

I am still on my journey, but I definitely am not where I used to be and I know deep down in my heart that these formative and hard years have moulded me into the woman I am today.

Taking stock of your own circumstances

If you currently are living with your parents or a relative who caters for or subsidises your living, perhaps their goodwill is the reason you are unbothered about taking risks.

You know all too well that you are capable of much more than waking up, wandering about aimlessly, attending parties, getting underpaid, eating and watching TV, and then hitting the sack.

You can be the next Wilglory!

Think of all the things you are passionate about, write them down and start the process of turning your ideation into operation. There’s never a better place, or time to start.

Start right where you are, and with what you have.

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