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Legitimate Hustling.

Legitimate Hustling.

In the quest to improve your entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge, it would be necessary to delve deep into the world of personal development. I truly believe that the outcome of each and everyone of our lives heavily relies on the choices we make.

If you missed this article on who are your friends?, I strongly encourage you to have a quick read.

It is a big eye opener to some of the things that we are unaware of or perhaps ignorant of their impact on our lives.

According to the free dictionary, a hustler is someone who moves or acts energetically and rapidly

When I think of a hustler, I think about the ability to juggle through  multiple economic opportunities.

It’s about how much financial gain one can make at the end of each day. We hustle to improve or maintain our standard of living in general. 

My late father was my closest example of a hustler, and I believe to have inherited this character trait from him.

He was always looking for business opportunities and ways of growing his income.

He was the Iroko tree of our family, conscious of all the mouths he had to feed, backs to clothe, bills to fund and tuition to pay.

My hero dad never stayed at home wasting his precious time away, neither did he expect anything from anyone or complain about circumstances.

His 24 hours were precious, and he just got on with things! The most I can remember about him are the few weekends we spent together. 

Some of the common reasons why people hustle are;

  • To break away from a family cycle of poverty
  • And to have a voice in society
  • To live fulfilled lives
  • And to afford the upkeep of their loved ones.

1. To break away from a cycle of poverty.

 It is no news that most people who hustle are people who are hungry to overcome their current circumstances and make a bigger impact on society.

When Oprah Winfrey was young, she was known as the potato sack girl. She was from an underprivileged background and her grandma made clothes for her, out of potato sacks. She also went through abuse as a young girl, which she has dealt with as an adult.

Oprah wanted to do something about her life in order to be something in life, and hence the burning fire that projected her into success.

There are many stories like Oprah’s.Listen to the story of Patricia Bright, Viola Davis, and many other successful people in the YouTube video.

Watch inspiring stories of black women who hustled their way to the top!

2. Gain a voice and have a say in society.

It’s no news to anyone reading this article that people who don’t have any financial power are often silenced. Most times, no one ever even gives them the opportunity to make their opinion known. People who have been in this situation generally feel beaten down and a few of them, therefore, swear to become wealthy enough to be seen and heard.

3. Live Fulfilled Lives.

Some people hustle day and night in order to live a life that is worth celebrating and remembering. Some of us walk the earth and are completely forgotten at death, but for our grave stone. However, some people genuinely hustle because they want to leave their footprint on earth via some of the projects they indulge in, notably, charitable acts. Everyone who knew my late father only has good stories to tell. He was the most generous human I have ever known, who had even committed to pay the tuition of all school age kids in his village up to the point of his untimely death. Moreover, it should be noted that we cannot give what we do not have. Which is why some people desire to hustle, in order to become financially viable enough to execute the philanthropic projects and passions that they have at heart.

4. Afford the Upkeep of Loved Ones.

In most tightknit communities like Africans’, individuals generally feel the urgent and obligatory need to pay for the livelihood of the people that are dear to their heart. Its not uncommon to find someone who works twice as hard in order to take on the needs that are beyond theirs. They want to make enough money and have enough resources, capable of extending over to those they love. This often includes siblings, parents, cousins, aunties, uncles, nephews, nieces and even underprivileged people in their neighborhood, local churches and villages.

So, I guess it’s time for me to ask my dear reader these questions;

  • Are you a hustler?
  • What is the driving force behind your hustle?
  • What are the goals that you have set for this year’s hustle?

Wishing each and everyone of us the best as we go about our grind, and I look forward to see y’all on the other side, where success looks like rainbows. 

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Been Listening to a BBC UK Podcast which brings to light, powerful stories of everyday hustlers and i encourage you to check it out.

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