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Would You Rather Enjoy Your Money Now?

Would You Rather Enjoy Your Money Now?

A lot of folks back home in Africa are of the opinion that we have to live our best lives today, and tomorrow would take care of itself. Would you agree or disagree with that mindset?

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If I were asked what I preferred, I would definitely face a dilemma. Whilst I am big on growing wealth by spending little today in order to invest as much for tomorrow, I am equally very tempted to enjoy my resources and my money everyday God bless me with breath.

The younger version of me would rather live a rich lifestyle and ignore the idea of wealth creation. Of course I’d love to carry a Gucci bag, go on fancy holidays, live in a mansion, and drive my dream range rover sports car.

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I heard an unorthodox definition of riches as “being able to buy nice things now at the expense of creating wealth.” Moreover, we all like nice things and life is for living isn’t it?

Addressing the elephant in the room.

The most common reason why people shy away from the idea of living a frugal life, and saving as much as possible for a future, is the fear of untimely death.

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As cliche as this may sound, I equally struggle with the thought of working as hard as I do, saving a lot and investing for my future enjoyment, but ending up dead before retirement. If you’re experiencing this fear, you’re not alone!

You would hear folks at home say stuff like “I am living my best life. Life tess (life is tasty).”

Managing the fear factor

In order to deal with fear, perhaps you could find comfort in the word of God which promises to reward us with anything we ask for in God’s name (Mathew 7:7). Which is why one of my daily prayer points is for God to bless my hustle, and to give me a long and healthy life to enjoy the fruits of my Labour.

To further reassure yourself that frugality today for wealth creation tomorrow is the right thing to do, examine the historical life expectancy data in Africa by the united nations. The main takeaway from Fig 1 is the fact that Africans are living much longer as time goes by, thanks to innovative health care solutions, vaccines, better living standards etc. This will only get better as the world economies evolve and grow.

As you would notice in Fig 1, the numbers arrived at are based on in-depth studies of a mass population and therefore, its safe to say that “numbers don’t lie.”

fig 1 source:United nations

I first came across these numbers whilst doing my research for this article, and I was shocked at the life expectancy ages in Africa between the years 1950 to 2000.

My late father died at the age of 53, not because he was sick, but because of a car crash caused by the poor state of roads.

It would be unfair to ignore the fact that an act of God could happen and we may die before the life expectancy age projected for African folks. However, based on the probability that we may actually live until the age of 63, the wise thing to do will be to start planning for when we are old and fragile.

The last thing you want is to end up old and broke, working hard in order to eat, pay for medical bills, or live a comfortable life. After all, saving does not mean depriving yourself of all the good things that you can enjoy, but rather putting some money aside for the purpose of compounding its growth.

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  • tracy tamanda
    Posted at 20:39h, 25 January Reply

    thank you so much for addressing this topic. i always ask myself if frugality is worth it. after all YOLO(you only live once )right? but you said it all. being frugal doesnt mean you deprive yourself. and i love the the warren buffet quote:)

    • youngandindependent
      Posted at 13:12h, 26 January Reply

      I love that quote too… Reminds me of why i should be investing and letting my army of dollar bills to work for me

    Posted at 09:58h, 26 January Reply

    Perfect write-up. If you don’t save today for tomorrow, you will become a poor man tomand hence, begger.

    Posted at 16:03h, 28 January Reply

    Wow! That was great. Sometimes we think about investing i.e. making money while we sleep or saving money for the future. However, our thoughts or ideas are not strong enough to start immediately. We keep saying; let me enjoy my money first before problem comes. My brother/sister problem no di finish, and who told you that if you save money you won’t enjoy it in the future? We need to be reminded like everyday, infact this should be at the top of our “Scale of thoughts”. The world needs to hear this. Temple Grandin said; “the world needs all kinds of minds”. Oooohhhhhh! We definitely need yours.

    • youngandindependent
      Posted at 16:11h, 28 January Reply

      Dear Agbor, thank You so much for your comment. You have synthesised the message very accurately. The reason why i started this project was indeed to open our eyes to things that are often overlooked, such as saving and investing. at the end of the day, our life is our responsibility and ours alone. Your sister and brothers have their own lives to lead too. We can’t go down with a sinking ship. We each have to take matters in our own hands and design ur lives the way we would like for it to pan our. At the end of the day, God blesses efforts and not words
      Please share it with all your loved ones and friends. If a great number of the people around us understand this simple principle, they will equally start investing and our society will be made of more winners, less jealousy and an overall healthy environment.

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