Life Is What We Make Of It.

by Syl Tamanda

Though my achievements seem like a dream to me, I guess the saying that ” God crowns efforts with success” is far from being just another quote, or a myth.

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More often than not, when I chat to folk who are not doing so great economically, they tend to throw 100% of the weight of their financial predicament on others, whilst taking 0% of the responsibility themselves.

They claim that they are broke either because of the corrupt government officials, the parents who failed to set them up for success, a relative abroad who didn’t send them millions to start a business, the neighbour who is a witch, and or some ancestral curse.

The million dollar question I have always had on my mind is, how come some people are successful and others are not?

I remember having a chat with a very reputable and successful gentleman who has travelled the world and made his name a brand, thanks to an extensive knowledge in his area of expertise.

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This is what he had to say. “Some are born greater, stronger, and more determined than others. Although children are born into the same family by the same parents, they end up as completely different individuals in terms of their character. That’s because some children are born with the drive to succeed, whilst others are not, and therefore, one sibling can turn out extremely successful whilst the other will be a complete opposite.”

Although I admire his success, I unfortunately disagree with his outlook on this matter.

I come from a very big family, and we have all had the same resources and opportunities at life. Yet when I look around me, what I notice is hard working folk and lazy folk, period!

I do not agree with the fact that anyone was born with a fire to succeed more than the other. If anything, the very reason why you and I are here, despite the complicated process related to the human reproductive system, already makes us winners.

Life is survival of the fittest, and the responsibility lies with us. From a christian point of view, we are all God’s children, made in his image and likeness, and our father wants the best for us all.

To remotely contemplate the fact that before we came into existence, God made some strong and others weak, will be going against the very ethos of the christian belief.

More so, from a philosophical point of you, our personal outlook on life is a critical element to the outcome of our lives.

One of the quotes I hold dear to my heart are the words “Life is what we make of it and the choices we make, that spices it all up.

In the image above, I was well into my first month of my MBA program in London, a goal I had set for my self when I was just 25 years of age. The goal was to obtain my MBA certificate I turned 30 years of age. I made the choice on my own, just like many of us make other choices. Whatever we decide to do in life, there’ll be good and bad consequences that will follow, and we have to be prepared for them.

Nothing good in life comes easy, and to put it in simple terms; only those that plant will have the privilege of harvesting the fruits of their labour.

Making excuses and blaming others for facing hardship never has and never will be a solution to your problems. Instead, look at this this way; you are have that baby already, you have been born into a working class family already, you have a handicap which you have to live with, and the list goes on. To get things right going forward, and to change your life for the better, I strongly encourage you to focus on the things that you can do to make your life better. No one is born inadequate and unsuccessful, but we have to put in the work that leads to the success that we would like to enjoy. There are so many free resources online and plenty of free help available for you, if only you would seek it.

To conclude, the moment we come to the firm realisation that whatever happens to our life depends on no one else but ourselves, then we can start to act accordingly for better or for worse.

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