Make Money With Self Published Low Content Books Using Book Bolt.

by Syl Tamanda

So many people are jumping on a new opportunity to earn a steady passive income by simply creating and self-publishing low-content books created on bookbolt onto Amazon’s Kindle Distribution Publishing platform.

If that is something that appeals to you, this article will walk you through the process.

The world has indeed moved from brick and mortar to click and order. Did you know that despite the pandemic in 2019, data from Credit Suisse shows that the number of millionaires in the world grew by 9.9% in 2020? Credit Suisse also predicted that the number of millionaires around the globe would increase by 49.8% by 2025. That’s less than 4 years from the date of this article. 

If you act on the information that I shall be sharing with you, little income streams have the potential of becoming your million in a couple of months or years from today if you act on the information that I shall be sharing with you.

The opportunity I’m about to share with you has the potential to give you an amazing head start in creating a solid and lifetime passive income source.

Many writers and non-writers alike are taken aback by the entrants of the Amazon KDP self-publishing platform, and there has never been a better time to scale up the ladder as an author than it is today.

Creating Low-Content Books Using Book Bolt

What is Book Bolt?

Book bolt is publishing software that allows beginners to research keywords, and design and create their own low-content books from scratch.

Is Book bolt better than Canva?

In my opinion, book bolt is better than canva. I am subscribed to both platforms and I sincerely prefer book bolt because of all the options available in the same place.

It has everything in one place. You can create your low content books and upload them on amazon KDP directly, in the acceptable format.

What are the benefits of using Book Bolt for creating low content books instead of canva?

Bookbolt has made it super easy for people with no tech or design background to upscale the publishing ladder.

The major features offered to book bolt users can be placed under 3 categories;

  1. Research feature
  2. Design feature
  3. support feature

1. Research feature

As you well know, the key to every breakthrough mankind has experienced is based on research. The more niches you can discover through research, the more books you can create in those niches, and the more sales you will make. This is why these three Book Bolt research features stand out.

The “cloud” function puts you at a competitive edge as you access data on the most sold book categories, the most searched keywords, and the level of competition in each book category

The keyword function allows you to see the volume of different keywords in real-time as they are searched on Amazon by potential clients

Lastly, the “KDP Spy” chrome extension is included in your Book Bolt subscription, which gives you insights on the most popular books on Amazon, and the keywords used in finding them.

Watch the Book Bolt Cloud on YouTube

2. Design feature

With the Book Bolt designing features, you don’t have to be a pro to design and publish your first book.

You can use its cover and interior design generator to create your book.

The bleeds and no bleeds options are just a click away, and Book Bolt ensures that all your books are compatible with Amazon’s publishing standards. More excitingly,

Book Bolt Pro subscribers can use the PuzzleWiz function to create a variety of word puzzles and activity books.

Watch the Book Bolt Designer on YouTube

3. Support feature

Book Bolt users who run into any type of technical issue can open a support ticket, and their issue will be resolved within 24 hours.

Their platform also offers weekly webinars with the founder, where he answers live questions asked by the audience.

If you are unable to attend the live sessions, don’t worry. You can watch the recordings on their website, alongside many videos and blogs on how to create, publish, and make sales on Amazon KDP.

Is Book Bolt a scam or legit company?

Yes, the software is legitimate, and you can read user reviews here – Book Bolt Reviews.

Is Book Bolt free for creating low content books?

Book Bolt has some free options that you can use for a 3-day trial to see if it meets your needs.

This includes keyword research, creating a cover design and using the Amazon search volume data. Although you can use some Book bolt options for free to help you create your low-content book, having access to the standard or pro version takes your low-content book and self-publishing gig to a whole new level.

The value offered by Book Bolt vs. the price structure for their service is a no-brainer.

You can either opt-in for the standard price or the pro price. Both packages offer the different features mentioned above: research, design, and support.

However, only the Pro plan offers access to the PuzzleWizz software, which is used for generating software. This can be used to degenerate various puzzles such as hangman mind finder, Wordsearch, Kakuro, Maze, Sudoku, and Cryptogram.

Use the code youngandindependent to get 20% off when purchasing any of the price plans

All you need to do is enter the code above when you make your purchase

What the cost of Book bolt?

Comparing Book Bolt, Canva, Tangent, and Amazon Expander

In comparison to competitors like Canva,, Tangent, and Amazon Expander, in the low content book creation space, Book Bolt is the only software that offers all the services mentioned in this article in one place. It enables  its users to Make Money With Self Published Low Content Books Using Book Bolt.

Reviews from Book Bolt clients


In this article, we detailed the all-in-one feature offered by Book Bolt to facilitate the creation of low-content books that can be uploaded to the Amazon Kindle Distribution and Publishing platform. You have the option to use a standard service that allows you to research keywords and niches, find popular books and sellers, and create your interior and exterior designs.

I know publishing can be daunting for beginners, which is why the book Bolt 3 Day Trial is perfect. You can sign up and explore their platform right away by clicking on the link Book Bolt. They have plenty of educational content and blogs which you can look into for guidance.

If you have further questions, you can get a support ticket for their 24/7 technical support service. You can always cancel if you feel it’s not for you.

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Wow that’s fantastic. This could be a great source of passive income that lasts forever. Thanks for sharing

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You are most welcome Tracy


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