Financial Independence for Women: Why A Woman’s Only Defense Is Her Own Money

Sharing the success story of Aïcha Haïdara- CEO of Agro-Bio

by Sylvie Tamanda

Although women have made great advances in many areas, including the workplace, the desire for economic autonomy has not diminished. The old saying goes, “A woman’s best defence is her own money.” This adage is as relevant today as it was when first spoken.

Women were historically denied the right to vote, hold public office, or hold financial responsibilities. Women did not begin to achieve economic independence until the early twentieth century. Indeed, they had to put up a fierce struggle to secure victory. Although women have made great strides towards economic equality, they still have a long way to go.

With the freedom to make their own choices without worrying about the opinions of others, women flourish when they achieve financial autonomy. This helps them provide for themselves and their family. They’ll be able to plan for the future, finance their education, and go after their goals. It also frees individuals from financial ties, allowing them to leave an abusive relationship or a poisonous workplace.

Women flourish when they achieve financial autonomy

Women who are financially independent are more likely to have a voice in matters that directly impact them. They are in a position to bargain for improved pay, working conditions, and perks. Furthermore, they may help their communities by giving to nonprofits, volunteering, and buying from local companies. Furthermore, women who are able to provide for themselves are less likely to suffer from stress, worry, or despair.

It’s possible for women to achieve economic independence in a variety of settings.

Women now have more options than ever before for juggling their professional and personal lives, thanks in large part to their ability to start businesses or work remotely.

My client, Aïcha Haïdara, is based in Mali. She has an 18-month-old baby, a husband, a job, and she’s the CEO of her own company (Agro Bio). Her company is based in Mali, in west Africa, and it focuses on the industrial production and sale of cold-pressed virgin vegetable oils.

women business owners in Africa

Aïcha Haïdara CEO of Agro Bio Mali

Her goal is to change the way beauty products are made by making sure that the oils used by beauty brands to make ready-to-sell cosmetics keep all their natural benefits and are safe for human consumption. With lawsuits still going on against beauty brands like L’Oreal and Olapex, Aicha’s idea is likely to make a difference in people’s lives.

Aïcha Haïdara is the true embodiment of a strong woman, juggling multiple roles with grace and determination. With an 18-month-old baby, a husband, and a job, Aicha’s plate is already full, yet she manages to run her own successful company, Agro Bio. Her ability to raise capital, invest in machinery, hire the right staff, and grow her business fiercely is a testament to her resilience and creativity.

Aicha Haidara's products

Agro Bio cold pressed oils

As her business coach, I am continuously inspired by her unwavering drive and tenacity. Aicha’s strength as a 21st-century woman is not just in her ability to balance her various roles but also in her commitment to making a positive impact in her community through her business.

Aïcha Haïdara has the freedom to do what she wants, when she wants it, where she wants to, and with whom she wants to. There’s no way in the world that she would have been so ambitious, so loved, and highly respected by her husband, family, and friends if she had been a mucho, always extending a begging hand and living out of other people’s pockets. You are permitted to read that again, and let it sink in very deeply!

In conclusion, a woman’s best defence is her own financial independence. Women who have achieved financial stability are more likely to take initiative in their lives and follow their passions and inclinations.

It gives them the opportunity to help others, provide for their families, and secure a brighter future for themselves. In order to help women succeed and be happy in life, it is crucial that we continue to promote and encourage their pursuit of economic autonomy.




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