How to become a successful person

Learn from the story of successful young people

by Sylvie Tamanda

Entrepreneurship is a journey that requires more than just a good idea. It takes a strong will, determination, and resilience to overcome the obstacles that come with building and growing a business. Successful entrepreneurs possess a set of character traits that enable them to navigate through challenges and achieve their goals. In this article, we will look at five powerful entrepreneurial personality traits that are necessary for starting and running a successful business.

5 Powerful Entrepreneurial Character Traits:

1. Passion

Passion is the driving force behind successful entrepreneurs. They are deeply passionate about their idea or vision, and this passion fuels their motivation to work hard and make their business a success.Learn from Ngosi’s story

Ngozi was a young woman from Nigeria Africa with a strong desire to start her own business. She always wanted to start her own business, but she never had enough money to do so. But that didn’t stop her from having big dreams and having faith in herself.

Ngozi had an idea that she couldn’t get out of her head one day. She wanted to start a business that would help her community, and she knew she had the drive and determination to make it happen. Ngozi set out on a journey to make her dream come true, even though she had no money and no experience.

She started by doing research on her idea and reaching out to mentors in her community who could help her. She learned as much as she could about how to run a business and started making a plan for it. Ngozi was determined to make her business a success, so she put all of her energy into it.

Even though Ngozi ran into many problems along the way, she never gave up. She put in long hours every day and gave up her free time to make her business a success. Her hard work started to pay off slowly but surely.

As Ngozi’s business grew, she became an example for other people to follow. She showed other young people that if they believed in themselves and worked hard, they could do anything. She also helped her neighbourhood by creating jobs and putting money into local businesses.

After a few years, Ngozi’s business had grown into a successful global company. She had become a leader in her field, and people knew her for her new ideas and her love of business. Even though she had a lot of success, she never forgot where she came from and continued to use her platform to help other people.

Ngozi’s story shows how powerful passion and hard work can be. If you work hard and try your best, you can do anything. And Ngozi’s love of business not only helped her reach her goals, but also helped her make a positive difference in her community and the world.

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2. Perseverance

Entrepreneurship is not a smooth ride. There are ups and downs, successes and failures. Successful entrepreneurs have a strong sense of perseverance that helps them stay focused on their goals and push through the tough times.

Learn in Adjoa’s Story 

Once upon a time, there lived in a little African hamlet a young black girl named Adjoa. She had a passion for jewelry-making, and she spent her free time creating exquisite items from materials she found in her environment.

Adjoa struggled to make a career from her interest despite her talent. She encountered numerous challenges, including a lack of money and societal conventions that hindered women from launching their own enterprises.

But Adjoa refused to abandon her ambition. She was determined to transform her passion into a profitable business, regardless of how challenging it may appear. She began by selling her jewellery to relatives and friends in the town. Despite her modest success, she was aware that she needed to grow her consumer base.

Adjoa made the courageous decision to travel to the city to sell her jewels. It was a difficult task, but she was determined to complete it. She laboured nonstop, day and night, to produce more jewellery for sale and even developed a website to display her wares. As a result of her efforts, she began to receive more orders from people around the world.

As her business evolved, Adjoa encountered new obstacles, such as competition from larger firms and managing the logistics of exporting her products. Nonetheless, she persisted, continually learning and adapting to new circumstances. She never lost sight of her mission and continued to work tirelessly to ensure the success of her firm.

As the years went, Adjoa’s firm became a tremendous success. She was able to employ additional women in her area, providing them the opportunity to earn a living and support their families. Adjoa’s tenacity had paid off, and she had realised her ambition of turning her passion into a successful business.

Adjoa’s tale exemplifies the strength of perseverance. She had numerous challenges, yet she never gave up on her goal. Her perseverance and diligence enabled her to overcome obstacles and transform her passion into a profitable business. Her tale inspires young girls and women everywhere, demonstrating that with hard work and determination, they, too, can realise their dreams.

3. Creativity

Entrepreneurs are creative problem solvers. They are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to solve problems and create value for their customers.

Learn from Larry’s story 

Larry was an African young black man with a passion for creation. He enjoyed thinking creatively and coming up with novel concepts. Growing up, he had always desired to launch his own company.

After graduating from school, Larry decided to put his creative abilities to the test by launching his own firm. With little capital to invest, he was forced to be resourceful. He initially sold handcrafted items, such as weaved baskets, at local marketplaces.

Larry’s artistic abilities immediately bore fruit, and he gained a following. He began experimenting with various products and ideas, and soon he had a variety of distinctive, high-quality items that people were eager to purchase.

As Larry’s enterprise flourished, he began to expand. He recruited other young people from his community to assist with the production and sale of his goods. Additionally, he began to explore new markets by taking his items to various cities and even foreign nations.

But, Larry’s triumph was not without obstacles. Along the way, he encountered several challenges, including discrimination and rivalry from larger enterprises. Nonetheless, his innovation and perseverance enabled him to overcome these obstacles and continue expanding his business.

Currently, Larry’s enterprise is a prosperous success. He demonstrates to other young people in his town that everything is achievable with hard effort, ingenuity, and determination.

4. Risk-taking

Entrepreneurship is inherently risky. Successful entrepreneurs have a willingness to take calculated risks and step out of their comfort zones in pursuit of their goals.

Learn from Caleb’s story 

Caleb was a lifelong dreamer. He had always known that he would eventually establish his own firm. It was simply a matter of determining the nature of the business.

One day, while perusing a thrift shop, he came across an ancient record player. It was severely damaged, but he saw its potential. He purchased it for a few dollars and brought it home.

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Throughout the following months, Caleb diligently repaired and restored the record player to its former brilliance. He subsequently listed it on an online marketplace.

The record player sold within minutes of being listed, much to his astonishment. Caleb realised he was on the right track.

The following weeks were spent searching thrift stores and garage sales for other antique record players to refurbish and sell. He quickly learned that old record players were in high demand.

Despite his initial success, Caleb encountered numerous obstacles along the way. It was difficult for him to find enough goods to match the demand, and he faced competition from other sellers.

Yet Caleb was resolute. He took risks and spent his entire savings on purchasing as many record players as possible. In addition, he began offering personalised repair services, which helped him distinguish himself from his competition.

The expansion of Caleb’s firm was gradual but steady. He launched an online store and began selling additional old stuff. Also, he began selling his wares at flea markets and vintage exhibitions.

The success of Caleb’s business grew over time. He had taken a substantial risk by investing his entire savings in the firm, but it had ultimately paid off. He was now the proud proprietor of a booming vintage shop and could not be happier.

Looking back, Caleb realised that his willingness to take chances and unyielding resolve had enabled him to achieve his objective. He was ecstatic to have converted his interest for old items into a profitable business.

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5. Resilience

Building a successful business is not easy, and there are many challenges and obstacles that entrepreneurs must face along the way. Entrepreneurs who are successful are strong and can bounce back from setbacks and failures. They learn from their mistakes and use them to grow and get better.

Learn from Sylvie’s story 

Sylvie’s life had been a roller coaster of ups and downs. She lost her father at the tender age of 19 and was forced to take on the role of a caretaker for her younger siblings while her mother worked to support the family. Despite her immense loss, Sylvie refused to give up on her dreams.

With a fierce determination to succeed, Sylvie worked multiple jobs while attending community college to pursue her passion for graphic design. Even when things seemed impossible, she never gave up.

Years later, Sylvie found herself at a crossroads. After working for a design firm for several years, she was laid off due to budget cuts. Instead of giving up, Sylvie saw this as an opportunity to start her own business.

With her savings and a small loan, Sylvie launched her own graphic design company from her home. She worked tirelessly, taking on any job that came her way, and slowly but surely, her business began to grow.

Through hard work, perseverance, and an unrelenting passion for her craft, Sylvie built a thriving business. She became known for her exceptional designs, and her clients soon started recommending her to their friends and colleagues.

Sylvie’s resilience paid off, and she is now a successful business owner, providing for her family and giving back to her community. Despite the hardships she faced in life, Sylvie never gave up on her dreams and turned her struggles into a source of strength.

Her journey is a testament to the power of resilience in entrepreneurship. Even in the face of adversity, if you have the determination and resilience to keep pushing forward, anything is possible.


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It takes a unique set of character traits to succeed in this challenging and rewarding field. Passion, perseverance, creativity, risk-taking, and resilience are just a few of the key traits that successful entrepreneurs possess. By cultivating these traits and applying them to your own entrepreneurial journey, you too can build and sustain a successful business.


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