Remihands: An Inspirational Tale of Tenacity and Determination

by Sylvie Tamanda

Remihands is a young Cameroonian student now enrolled at Bamibili University. He is a vital part of a fledgling, autonomous community project and donates his time and talents to develop logos, graphics, and YouTube thumbnails for the community. Despite the challenges he faces, he remains determined and committed to his passion.

On Friday the 3rd of March, I messaged Remihands to request a thumbnail for a YouTube video, and I was struck by his response.  He had left Bamenda where his university if located, for Edea, which is over 200 kilometres away, in order to sell freshly peeled pineapples as a side business. This demonstrates his hard ethic and commitment to achieve success.

Conversations with Remihands on Friday 3rd

The story of Remihands is remarkable, and young Africans can learn valuable lessons from his experience.

Lesson 1: Persistence

The story of Remihands serves as a reminder about the significance of endurance. Despite the difficulties he endures, he continues to pursue his passion for graphic design. He spends the night learning new skills and the day hawking in order to make ends meet. This kind of dedication and commitment is required for success in any industry.

Lesson 2: Resourcefulness

The story of Remihands also emphasises the significance of resourcefulness. By offering his graphic design skills for a community project, he has found a way to match his education with his passion. He has also discovered a means to support himself by selling pineapples. This demonstrates that with imagination and ingenuity, anyone can attain success.

Lesson 3: Community

Remihands’ involvement in a young and independent community project is a testament to the importance of community.   Being a part of a community of folks with similar interests can provide support, motivation, and inspiration. It can also facilitate collaboration and networking, which can lead to new opportunities for growth.

To attain success, the following habits are absolutely essential:

Habit 1: Passion and commitment

The story of Remihands emphasises the significance of commitment. He is dedicated to his passion for graphic design and is willing to exert significant effort to achieve his objectives. This level of dedication is required to overcome the inevitable barriers and difficulties encountered along the path to success.

Habit 2: Perseverance

Persistence is an additional key trait. Achievement is rarely effortless and needs perseverance and tenacity. Remihands’ ambition to acquire new talents and his readiness to work tirelessly to make ends meet are instances of the tenacity required for success.

 Habit 3: Continual Learning

Continual learning is another crucial success habit. Remihands’ dedication to acquiring new graphic design abilities exemplifies the significance of lifelong education. In today’s rapidly evolving world, it is crucial to remain current on the most recent trends and technologies.

Remi is the only graphic designer worthy of your support if you’re looking for one with talent. Remi has decided to develop his abilities and advance his career from his home country in Cameroon rather than endangering his life by illegally crossing the channel in pursuit of greener pastures. By utilising Remi’s skills, you will not only be supporting a diligent individual, but also investing in graphic design work of the highest calibre that will exceed your expectations. Let’s show Remi some affection and assist him in achieving his goals at home.

Remihands designs Contact +237 673 697 601

In conclusion, Remihands’s tale is motivational, and young Africans can learn valuable lessons from his path. Persistence, resourcefulness, and community are necessary for success, while commitment, perseverance, and continual learning are necessary behaviours for success. Remihands is a brilliant example of what can be accomplished with hard work, devotion, and dedication to one’s passion.

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