Types Of People Who Put Your Business Idea At Risk

Stop sharing your good news with everyone

by Sylvie Tamanda
In this day and age, most people get their strength and sense of self-worth from likes, comments, and shares.
People talk about everything; from the checks they’ve gotten to the last time they went to the bathroom.
There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your achievements and successes but be careful about what you share and with whom.
When you talk too much, you expose yourself to these 5 very bad people
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1. Dream killers
People who tell you that your goals are crazy, unrealistic, impossible, unsustainable, or selfish. They are the most pessimistic people the world has ever known. Their principal mission is to make sure you stay exactly where you are.
2. Unnecessary scrutiny
The last thing you want for your life is for every Tom, Dick and Harry to all up in your business.
Big brother is watching you 👀.
3. Evil masterminds
We live in a sick world. Some people will sabotage your business before it even sees the light of day. for a reason only known to them.
The bible says in proverbs 13:3 (Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything.)
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4. Exploiters
You know those people who become your “friend” just because of what they stand to benefit from you? They’ll party with you and drain your resources, but they’ll never fight you.
5. Friendsnemies
People who have earned a doctorate in playing sheep while actually being wolves. They’re pretending to be happy for you but will waste no opportunity to sabotage your efforts or lead you down a ditch.
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If you have a business idea and need guidance, you should be speaking to a professional whose top priority is to see you succeed.
I am Sylvie Tamanda, and I am a business coach.
I help women earn more income by brainstorming and developing a profitable business idea from scratch.
If you’d like to experience a more financially free 2023, I would like to hear from you.
Let’s make it happen for you and your family 👪 ❤ 💪
You may use the contact page to reach out to me or drop a comment in the comment section of this article.

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