Why No One Respects You As A Woman

by Syl Tamanda

So many women go through life completely unaware of the harm that some simple choices are doing to their image. This article looks at some seemingly small things that women do that cause others to show little or no regard for us.

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What is Respect?

Respect, sometimes known as esteem, is a good emotion or action directed at someone or something that is important or held in high regard. It expresses admiration for positive or useful attributes. It’s also the act of showing care, concern, or attention to another person’s needs or feelings.


These will Cost You Your Respect.

They say that respect is something that must be earned rather than demanded. Women, in general, have a higher risk of being disrespected, not only as a result of gender disparity or our society’s macho nature, but also as a result of some things they do, whether intentionally or unknowingly.

Demanding More and Giving Less.


This is frequent among women who rely on their spouses or partners for money, material possessions, and, in the near term, their livelihood. It’s fine to be spoiled and given gifts, but being overly demanding and doing nothing in return to repay the other person’s kindness can cost you respect.

A Chameleon Personality

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Having an attitude is one that is unpredictable due to a distorted personality is not good. If you treat people in a respectable, kind, caring, and friendly manner behind closed doors, or because you want something from them, but belittle or ignore them in the presence of others, they are likely to loose respect for you.

Lies Telling.

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You will lose respect in the eyes of others if you lie about everything and anything. No one pays attention to a serial liar or someone who is untrustworthy.

Your reputation will be tarnished if you beat about the bush, tell half-truths, and remain unclear.

Over Apologising

Assume responsibility for your wrongdoing and go on to the next step. However, apologising every day and all day will do little to improve your reputation.

If people have the impression that your word holds no value and instead of doing what is expected of you, you spend your time apologising, they’ll have no respect for you


People lose respect for you when they can’t trust you to follow through on your word. Humans’ most prized possession is their “word.”

If you make a commitment to do something or go somewhere at a specific time and then break it, you will most likely lose respect.

Violating Other People’s Boundaries.

Every person’s life grinds to a halt at some point. You’ll find yourself on the wrong side of the rope if you ignore other people’s limits and treat them badly. You’ll be chastised, despised, and disrespected as a result.

Indecent Dressing

Dressing in a way that is likely to shock or offend people is called indecent dressing. You will almost certainly be insulted if you expose sexual portions of your body and appear to be a sex worker.

If you want to be addressed respectfully, you have to dress as such.

Your choice of clothes and how you put them together gives out a lot of information about your persona. You can read Who Are Your Friends? for more details on that.

Public Misbehaviour

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The public exhibition of wrath and similar behavior, as depicted in the photo above, will rob you of respect. You may enter a room dressed as a queen, but the instant you engage in quarrels, physical fights, or any other form of misbehavior, you are sure to lose part of the respect you once had. It’s preferable to walk away from a heated situation and discuss it later when you’re calmer.


Violating boundaries, being indescent, lying, demonstrating materialism, always asking and never giving, having a predictable attitude, and unreliability will cause others to lose respect for us as women. Always keep in mind that you are a brand, and your personality is your most valuable asset.

Respect and trust must be considered important success aspects if you wish to be financially independent. People are less likely to hire you, do business with you, or even associate themselves with you if they have no respect for you.

With such an issue, how do you expect to network with people in order to Use Your Girl Power To Build Your Empire.

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