From Finance Manager to editing YouTube Videos. Here’s why

I have got to read this crazy story

by Sylvie Tamanda

I went from Finance Manager of a Multinational Company to editing YouTube Videos. Here’s why

In 2021, I decided to emerge from underneath the rock where I had been hiding in order to serve a mission that I considered divine.

It was during a really dark time in my life, when I felt depressed and suicidal, that God showed me my true purpose.

Prior to starting Young and Independent, I was a finance professional with a decade’s worth of experience in leadership roles across different industries,

So when I got the sign about becoming a “motivational speaker” in order to bring mental, spiritual, and financial liberation to African youth, it was in complete misalignment with my character.

In fact,

  • I had zero pictures on my then-Facebook account.
  • I didn’t even know how Instagram worked.
  • I always enjoyed reading insightful blogs but had no clue how they were written and made public.
  • And I imagined brilliant YouTubers as aliens.

Despite my efforts to resist the call, it became clear to me by the day that if I did not follow that still small voice in my heart (the holy spirit), I would end up in a dead end.

I’ve always thought of the Bible as both a spiritual and a practical book. And I read the book of Jeremiah 1, where God was calling him to go speak, and Jeremiah said he was too young and no one would listen to him. And God said, I chose you before you were even born, go to my people and tell them my command.”

This rang a big bell in my head and heart, signalling that it was time to toe the line before God forced me to (Sylvie, no need to go through pain, just turn around and obey, I told myself).

So I went on the internet and started doing some research on how to create a website and how to start a podcast, a YouTube channel, and Facebook groups.

My research went smoothly, and by July 2021, I appeared on social media, and people who hadn’t heard from me started to reach out to ask where I had been (laughter).

The rest of the year progressed with me blogging and podcasting about transformation for young Africans—101, the basic stuff.

In 2022, I took it a little more seriously and invested in some coaching. That went really well, and I progressed seamlessly. However, something was missing.

Although I had already created a YouTube channel in 2021, I never really posted a video of myself sharing my message. Instead, I was posting voice only episodes of my different podcast episodes on all the different social media handles.

A few people who liked the content reached out to me and appealed for me to turn my content into videos as well. They suggested that it would be easier for my audience to connect with me and follow my message if they were able to see me.

As substantial as their arguments were, I just wasn’t ready to speak into a camera for several reasons, like

  • Not being beautiful enough
  • Not being good enough to hold myself in front of a camera
  • Not having the right equipment to make videos

These three major reasons kept me from publishing my first video, which took another six months.

In August 2022, I registered for Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness, and I was due to speak to a team member prior to joining the community.

During my call with Jamie, I guess he knew all too well how to break my camera phobia based on my responses.

Immediately after that call, I made my first ever post on my young and independent Facebook group.

Fast forward to October 2022, and I decided that if doing videos is what it is going to take to fulfil my purpose, then I would do it the right way.

So I invested in equipment, software packages, and a video editor. When I tell you that I spent hours watching YouTube videos to set my camera right, please believe me.

My first videos had lighting issues, and I kept redoing them. By November, I was still struggling with the entire production chain.

My editor in Africa continued to experience connection issues, and I continued to make videos to improve my camera confidence.

In December 2022, the internet connection issues in Africa became a major threat to my consistency, and I decided I was going to find a solution in 2023.

So, 2023 came, and after a lot of frustration trying to find someone within my budget, I decided to record and edit my own videos.

This video right here is my first edited video, and because you have read this far, I believe that you care about me and my story, and I would very much appreciate it if you would watch it, like it even if you hate it, comment on what you think, and share it with others so that they can do the same. All the above are free of charge, but they have a big impact on my self-esteem.

What are the lessons of this long post?

  1. You are more than enough.
  2. You’ve got what it takes.
  3. Never back down, no matter what the obstacles are.
  4. Your true purpose is the one thing for which you will gladly brave the odds.
  5. You have everything it takes to turn your obstacles, struggles, and circumstances into a big win.

The choices we make in our lives is what spices it up all.

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