Does God create poor people?

what all poor people should know

by Sylvie Tamanda

God is not in the business of creating poor or rich people; he is only in the business of creating people, and what we each make of the resources that he has made available to every human under the sun is what determines the outcome of most people’s lives.

No one denies that some people are born into circumstances that increase their chances of success more than others; however, everyone can succeed, at least to the extent that they can afford a decent standard of living.

And although people in developing countries would argue that the socioeconomic conditions in most developing countries are to blame for their poor living standards, I still insist that everyone can do okay with their lives if they aspire for a better one.

This morning, I read a powerful quote by Tony Robbins that I’d like you to consider. He stated

“We have the ability to change our lives.” “We can do, have, and be whatever we want.”

What then can poor people do to change their lives?

The good news is that I agree with everything Mr. Robbins said…

I know a young man in Cameroon, Central Africa, who has had to deal with a lot of adversity. He always thought that life had dealt him a short hand, so people and the government were to blame for his financial problems.

But after 7 days of intense coaching on awareness, abundance, and action, he changed everything about his life and started over. He took full responsibility for his life and began creating a new life for himself with what he had and where he was, focusing on the value he could create.

Poverty can be eradicated if you and every other poor person have the enlightenment that no one is coming to save us and that we are the authors of our own destinies. If everyone wakes up to this fact and decides to go out into the world with the goal of serving and making their neighbour’s life better, we should all experience a happier earth.

It shouldn’t be an individual’s or  a select few’s responsibility to save the world. Even Jesus needed the help of his disciples. It has to be a show for the whole community, where everyone gets involved.

Titus, the gentleman who turned his life around, is doing a great job at eradicating poverty in his own local community. He has found a new path, and he told me today that he has decided to give 20 women in his village the tools needed to exploit the rich and fertile agricultural land that God has already provided.

The women will be growing vegetables that can be sold at local markets. He said, “I’m really praying for this project to work, because it has the potential to make the community less poor.”

He spent XAF 2500 on seeds, XAF 10,000 to clear the land, and an extra XAF 9000 on herbicide. This young man is about to change his life and the lives of those around him for less than $50.

This is precisely how our young people should see the future, rather than focusing on scarcity.

source of image:
“Every second you dwell on the past, you steal from your future. “Every minute you spend focusing on your problems, you take away from finding your solutions.” – Unknown

God has blessed us all equally with the same amount of time. He has also endowed you with a one-of-a-kind gift that no one else has, so your wealth is waiting for you to tap into it and maximise it.

God expects you to steward everything he has given you, starting from exactly where you are and with what you have.

Titus started with $50; what can you start with?

The problem with most African youth is that they have grand thoughts without taking action. We all want white collar jobs, and no one wants their hands dirty. We want nice cars, fancy shoes, and expensive gadgets, which we can’t afford… It’s time to revisit our priorities.

Depression and suicide should have no place in our communities! Canada and the United States have such generous immigration policies because they require young, energetic people to replace their ageing and unemployable populations.

The youth and their strength are and should be the pride of every nation, and no matter how badly the government manages resources or how stingy an aunty, uncle, sibling, or whoever is, young Africans must take full control of their own destinies and be the change they want to see on their continent and the world at large.

What’s your excuse?

If you don’t have any money and all you have are your hands, that’s great!

The smartest thing to do at this point will be to go get a job, earn some money, and start a side business.

You can learn more about the world and how it works by reading books, listening to useful podcasts, or watching useful videos.

No one else is in charge of how you grow as a person. Just as God cannot cause seeds that have not even been planted to bear fruit, that’s the same way he is unable to bless the work you haven’t done.

I am going to conclude this article by recommending that you read the book of proverbs day and night because most of the problems you’re dealing with now, or may deal with in the future, have been answered in anticipation for you.

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Enough of the bloodshed and to more hope, joy, love and prosperity! Share this article, and save a life  

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