Life After Covid-19. Skills That Everyone Must Have In Order To Succeed

by Sylvie Tamanda

The last two years have been tough for a lot of people, especially those in the work force. Whilst most people lost their jobs and slumped into financial crisis, credit swiss reported a sharp rise in the number of millionaires world wide.

In today’s day and age, taking into account the fragility of the economy in the face of unexplained disasters and pandemics is paramount.

I am a fervent believer of the fact that the luckiest people in the world are those who prepare themselves for the right opportunity. And this is what this article is about. Getting your prepared for what’s to come. Because failing to prepare, is definitely preparing to fail. You won’t have it otherwise.

What are the skills needed for a successful tomorrow?


Simply said, this is the capacity to move your brain in a different direction or at the necessary speed. You will be distinguished and given an advantage over your friends based on how prepared you are and how quickly you can adapt to the change that is coming.

If you would like to add this skill to your list of abilities, it is recommended to check out these free courses

a). Introduction to Psychology

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b). Introduction to Cognitive Psychology


As implied by the title, it is about planning for the future. Consciously being aware of what is going on around you will help you keep in the loop and prevent surprises. If you work in the accomodation and food industry, for instance, you should be aware that artificial intelligence is slated to replace thousands of jobs in that field. Depending on your level of knowledge, the new skills you scoop up, and your willingness to think outside the box while accepting change, you’ll be able to prepare yourself for this eventuality to the best of your ability.

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A very important talent for those who want to fit into the future workforce is the ability to recognize, comprehend, and manage their own and others’ emotions. Being able to function in harmony with co-workers and other stakeholders can foster productive collaboration and a productive work environment if you have the emotional intelligence to do it.

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People in administrative positions are not the only ones who can use this expertise. When it comes to promotions, raises, or leadership positions, skilled employees are probably going to be first in line. It’s about having the power to persuade people, stepping beyond of your comfort zone, being open, and acting.

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The ability to communicate with others may seem simple on the surface, yet it is a rare talent. So many people, especially at the workplace, lack the skills to interact with others in a way that reduces the likelihood of confrontations and misunderstandings. You will have an advantage over your peers who lack these skills if you have the capacity to listen to people and are sensitive to their sentiments.

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