The Real Reasons Why Some Women Allow Themselves tobe Abused

And How To avoid it

by Sylvie Tamanda


A few months ago I received a distress call from a good friend. She cried wolf to me because she was being mistreated by her husband and she no longer wanted to protect this man.

As beautiful as she is, I wondered why in the world anyone would succumb to such a level of physical and economic abuse in the name of marriage.

When I asked her why she couldn’t call her man to order, she said he’ll ask her to leave and she can’t afford to go because she has no money and she’s unsure whether she could survive without him.

Needless to say that I was in utter shock😳 at her blunt response.

The thing is, so many women find themselves in this situation where they drink nonsense for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every single day, but they’re too scared of

* Being alone

* Starting over

* Taking over the bills

* Making their voice heard

Some are flat out lazy!

So they stay and endure until they get kicked out, abandoned, infected with a disease and some even die from stress and or physical abuse.

That’s not the life of a strong woman.

You have to become a tea bag whenever you find yourself in such a situation.

Having financial independence is the number one option that will protect you and your children.

Finding your voice means doing something that’s bigger than your eyes can see.

Stepping into your potential is the next step towards living the life that you deserve, as the Queen that God created you to be.

And having your own business means you can

* Bless humanity with your product or service

*Contribute towards the greater good of the world by sharing your knowledge and expertise

*Practice some self care when you feel like it

* Buy food if he forgets to give you money

* Pay fees for the children if he decides to spend all the money on girlfriends

* Sue him if he abuses you

* Walk away and start over if the situation becomes unbearable

It you want to feel empowered like never before, I invite you to join a community of strong women who have decided to create their balanced life.

We look forward to having you… let’s build up ourselves together ❤️

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