I trusted this man and he did this to me

Why you must rely on no one but yourself

by Sylvie Tamanda

At age 21, I found out I was pregnant with a child that was intentionally conceived.

This man told me all the sweet things in the world, and I truly believed that only death would do us part.

But just three months into my pregnancy, he went mute.

He claimed he was dealing with stuff, so I was practically left to pay for all my medical bills and purchase every single pin that my baby needed.

Imagine the transition from a single, young, and vibrant woman to a pregnant, depressed, and nearly broke woman.

Lord have mercy!

Thank goodness I had my first degree in accounting, finance, and audit and had been working prior to that event.

After nights of crying and cursing the universe, I fell back on my savings, and I created another source of income through network marketing (selling Forever Living products).

Mind you, before my pregnancy, this man convinced me to quit my job and stay at home to experience a “wholesome and worry-free pregnancy.”

He promised to be there emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially. But ended up doing the exact opposite

Thank goodness I never heeded his advice. I insisted on earning my own money, and it saved me and my unborn baby.

My son was born lacking nothing.

And on the night I had my son, this individual turned up and pretended to be remorseful, only to walk away three months later, forever.

Lesson: Whether you’re married or single or entangled, NEVER EVER put all your financial eggs into your man’s basket because he could

  • die
  • loose his job
  • get tired of you
  • become gravely ill
  • abuse you (mentally, economically and physically)

Always have a source of income, no matter how small.

What’s your opinion of this notion?

I want to hear it in the comment section.

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